Folder – creative

Often I have no folder at hand, the stapler is on strike or empty and sometimes the folder is totally impractical, because too bulky.

A punch and a piece of ribbon is – at least in our household – always available.
Here I take a simple gift ribbon and bind several sheets together. If I use the documents very often I punch two times, as in the picture, with several hundred pages, I take the ribbon twice – especially with much used scripts and manuals.
For simple purposes, such as my tax return, simple punching and one loop with the ribbon is enough.

Creativity is when … you play with things, combining existing ones in a completely new way – and a simpler solution is often better ..
The idea is not patent pending and may be copied by anyone 😉

5 Tips to reduce waste

1 Only buy what you really need
We often tend to buy unnecessary things. They are on offer or look particularly nice or initially seem to be useful. Before buying, consider whether you really need the product.

2 Proper recycling
Recycling seems to be intimidating. But it is not. If you don’t know how to recycle already, just do a little research. There are different regulations for different places. Find out which rules apply to your area.

3 Use reusable bags
Whether fabric bag, backpack or shopping basket – there are many ways to avoid plastic bags. Use them while shopping.

4 Make a meal plan
We make a meal plan every week. It is so much easier to do our grocery shopping. You won’t walk through the shops without any plan and just take whatever you like. Saves money and waste. Try it – I love it!

5 Use reusable water bottles
Plastic bottles are bad for the environment and for you. They are ideal habitat for potentially harmful bacteria. It consumes limited resources and pollutes the climate. Use BPA-free drinking bottles and fill them up over and over again. And of course: make sure to keep them clean ; )

Zero to One

Peter Thiel co-founded Paypal, he was born in Frankfurt in 1967 and is now a venture capitalist. His book  Zero-to-One arose from a lecture for start-ups. It is refreshingly different and sometimes delightfully provocative – his tips for startups and other entrepreneurs:

  • Monopolies are good – too much competition is bad
  • Start small
  • Search a market niche  – expand the market later
  • Avoid the competition wherever possible
  • Be 10 times better than what is currently available – in best case
  • Everything happens only once,  don’t want to be Google, Facebook or Apple
  • Best practice todayleads to a dead end  tomorrow
  • Technology means  to achieve more with less
  • There are no panaceas
  • The distribution is as important as the technology
  • Technology companies should be performed by technicians
  • Creative monopolies are gains for all
  • The value of a company is determined by its future profits
  • Important are the right partner
  • The bubble  of green environmental technologies has burst
  • Ask yourself:
  • Is your technology revolutionary?
  • Is it the right time?
  • Is it a monopoly?Is there a good team?
  • Have you identified a unique opportunity?
  • Can it  continue for 10-20 years?




ABIZLE means, here in our South-German slang, “a little bit” and we express here when something is “a little business” and “no great effort”.

Sometimes only abizle is needed to change a thing and turn it to the good.

The motto of this new blog is “Lifehacks – Creativity and the celebration of the small difference”.

As incureable optimists we believe in the endless creativity of all humans and we want to inspire and get inspired. We are especially looking for the kind of lifehacks like tricks,  strategies and techniques which are able to improve our everydays life, which need no great effort.

We have a wide range of interest and do not want to deal with a single topic – so  stay with us and we’ll see… let’s make our world abizle better 🙂

Dadelion – beauty and simplicity in one.

Topics which are already in our mind:

  • Nothing will be the same – survival in the digital age
  • The small difference and what really matters
  • The meaning of our life
  • Combining old and new wisdom – take the best of both
  • Why simpler is better and the elegance of simplicity
  • You have already all what you need – really?
  • First the WHY? Then the HOW?
  • Zeitgeist, Feingeist and Winegeist – the funny side 🙂