ABIZLE means, here in our South-German slang, “a little bit” and we express here when something is “a little business” and “no great effort”.

Sometimes only abizle is needed to change a thing and turn it to the good.

The motto of this new blog is “Lifehacks – Creativity and the celebration of the small difference”.

As incureable optimists we believe in the endless creativity of all humans and we want to inspire and get inspired. We are especially looking for the kind of lifehacks like tricks,  strategies and techniques which are able to improve our everydays life, which need no great effort.

We have a wide range of interest and do not want to deal with a single topic – so  stay with us and we’ll see… let’s make our world abizle better 🙂

Dadelion – beauty and simplicity in one.

Topics which are already in our mind:

  • Nothing will be the same – survival in the digital age
  • The small difference and what really matters
  • The meaning of our life
  • Combining old and new wisdom – take the best of both
  • Why simpler is better and the elegance of simplicity
  • You have already all what you need – really?
  • First the WHY? Then the HOW?
  • Zeitgeist, Feingeist and Winegeist – the funny side 🙂