The dream of your own Café

Some cafes are just wonderful. The delicious smell of coffee at the entrance, the sweet little sins behind the cake counter, the lovely decor and the nice service. It makes you feel good, all the senses are addressed, you become completely human, just wonderful.

Our darlings, hmm .. the cozy museum café on the island of Reichenau with the many books that you can read there and which you can take with you for free. The café on the island of Mainau with the world’s best Swedish almond cake and the large selection of coffee, tea and cocoa – where the very nice service told us from Café Ihringer in Breisach, which we then visited next …

No wonder when many dream of their own Café .  You can only do what you like,  you find joy, freedom, appreciation and purpose.  Being able to enjoy and get to know more people through his own baking and cooking skills, to be able to set up his own workplace and ultimately to be able to live from his dream – would’nt that be nice?

Here is a German book recommendation on this topic “Sugar Girls – 20 Frauen und ihr Traum vom eigenen Café”  by Henschel, Schacht and Werkmeister

A very inspiring book that shows 20 very different cafes of women who live their dream.

All cafés have a very loving and special interior. The book gives courage and shows that everything is possible even  on a small budget.

All women seem to be able to live well from their own business, even if the mentioned extremes are subsistence living or a multi-store café.

Many earn less than they earned in their job before. People often tell how they work a lot more, sometimes 80 hours a week, that’s more than 10 hours a day … but everyone sounds very happy and satisfied. Everyone is happy to went on this adventure of their own business.

For those who want to take this step into self-employment, there are many practical tips in “Sugar Girls”  e.g. That you save a lot of work with the authorities, if before a café or restaurant was there, that you need a health certificate, how you usually calculate the prices and much more.

PS: I got the book from a nice person, whom we might also be able to visit in her own café …

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