5 Tips to save energy

1 Use LED lamps

Change your old bulbs to LED bulbs. LED lights have very low power consumption and a long life span. Initially they are more expensive compared to, for example, halogen lamps, but this pays off by great energy savings and in terms of cost. In addition, they are immediately bright, can be dimmed and don’t get hot. And while we’re on the topic of “light”: turn off the light when you don’t need it.

2 Use stand-by

Many devices in our household consume energy through stand-by, without us noticing. To avoid this, you should unplug when not in use or use a power strip with switch. You can easily turn off multiple devices at the same time.

3 Save water

In many households unnecessarily much water is consumed. It is easy to save water. While taking a shower/washing hands: If you soap your body, hair or hands: turn off the water! Even with the washing machine and the dishwasher you can easily save water with austerity program.

4 Low temperatures while washing

With today’s detergents and washing programs, the laundry will be clean even at low temperature. 30°C are often enough. Most of the energy is consumed when heating the water.

5 Pay attention to energy classes

If you buy new household aids, you should pay attention on the energy efficiency classes. They specify how much energy is consumed by a device. Particularly economical are the classes A+, A++ and A+++.


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