With a high degree of probability, the great idea that has come to your mind already had another one.
Ideas are often in the air or the problems that lead to the ideas, so it often happens that two people have the same idea randomly and independently.

Every time I think I have a great idea, I first look at YouTube – most of the time you’ll find that idea pretty fast. Recently I thought, for example You could build a simple engine from a car alternator, the power generator – if you look in YouTube you will find several videos of people who not only had the same idea, but also implemented it.


The largest collections of ideas and technical knowledge databases are online patent databases. Free are, for example:
DEPATISnet Einsteiger-Suche
Google Patents
Europaeisches Patentamt
On the one hand, these are collections of new ideas, i. E. Solutions to technical problems, on the other hand, however, the respective current state of the art is described.
However, you have to get used to the strange language, which I believe partly also serves to disguise – but in principle, the patents are always the same structure, to overview you can also first look at the summary and the drawings.

If you find nothing in the databases and you think that you could earn a lot of money with the idea, you should register the idea as a patent – German patents cost a few thousand Euros, European patents can sometimes cost a few tens of thousands of Euros.
BUT despite you can not find anything in the database, someone else may have already registered the idea, as of the filing date there is immediate protection, but the application may not have been reviewed yet and not yet published – the faster applicant has the rights, not the one who had the idea first.
If you want to prevent the idea so no one else applies for a patent you can also register in Germany a “Gebrauchsmuster” it’s about 600Euros.

Another way to prevent someone from applying for the same idea is to publish an article about it in a journal.

If you have the patent and somebody violates it, you have to be financially strong enough to sue your right in court.
With the patent, the idea is also known ie. published and mostly described exactly. Sometimes it is better to try to keep the idea secret for as long as possible and to use the time advantage over the competition.
Once products have been sold with the idea or has been reported on the idea somewhere before the application was made so a patent is no longer possibel

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